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Pin-Up Style: The Settling

Hello again. 2017 has meant one step beyond. It started by me realising I had to buy clothes that were my actual size instead of dreaming about losing some weight.
On April I travelled to London with my husband and we went to Camden Market. I visited the Collectif Clothing shop and lots of other places, including the street stalls. That's where I got a really nice skirt.

At the beggining of July, we went to Madrid for a few days and I visited Chopper Monster. I followed them on social medi and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to go have a look. I was positively surprised. Not only they were not the typical shop where everything is Gothic, Rockabilly, black, red, roses and skulls. But also they had a lot of clothing and a lot of variety. And on Sales. I tried some things on, for example this dress.
Unfortunately, it didn't fit correctly, whicha was a pity because it is a beautiful dress. It is a Cherry dress without being the typical cherry dress. I did get a couple o…

Pin-Up Style: The Beggining

This is the second part of this series, and it's about how I started.
As I said on the previous post, on November 2015 I decided to make an order from Lindy Bop. I got several skirts. Just skirts. Why? Because I thought it would be less "agressive" to begin with things I could match with "normal" clothes so the style was less shocking. Mistake no.1. Based on the dress I already had, I ordered size 12. Mistake no.2. Always look at the size chart goven by the website. ALWAYS.
They arrived, I tried them on, and obviously they didn't fit. But thet mentality we all have... "Oh don't worry, I'll lose weight". Mistake no.3.

As of today, almost two years later, thay are still tight. I fully realised that the day I decided to buy clothes my size. But we will discuss that later.

Ok, so skirts. And what else?
Ideally, I should wear some top that is tight-fitting on the waist and is tucked in the skirt. But I don't have tight-fitting clothes. Or …

Pin-Up Style: Origins

Committing to a specific style is always complicated. Specially if it is not standard. Specially if your body is not standard. Specially if you live in a country where it is hardly accessible if not through the Internet. Specially if you live in a country where you cannot try to be extravagant or everyone will look at you as if you were crazy. Moreover, if the style requires certain infrastructure, and you live in the Hell Mouth, the thing gets interesting.

But as I said at the beginning, committing.
For two years, I've been focusing gradually towards this style. And I don't mean typical Rockabilly Pin-Up black and red with flowers and all that, but a larger one including 1950s style.
It all began in 2015.I was about to say on my friend Silvia’s wedding, but it may be on my own wedding. I will not bore you with the details of picking and making my dress, maybe in another post. I will just say that I found a style that I really liked and I think it flatters me, so I married in a 50s styl…