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Last Year's Resolutions

I write this to be ashamed of myself for not having been able to fulfil my last year's resolutions. Let's see what did I write.
Lose 10 kilos --> Ha Ha. No. *
Eat healthy, even if I don't lose 10 kilos --> Sometimes. *
Do exercise regularly --> No, and my body aches in response. *
Prepare my classes with time --> I have had very few classes, so yes. *
Finish all the craft projects I have in mind --> Not all, but I have done quite a bunch of them, especially for Christmas. *
Use all the chances I have to sell my crafties --> Yes. *
Tidy up home more often --> Sometimes. *
Decorate home here and there --> Not really. *
Make the most of my actual wardrobe --> No. *
Not to buy more clothes until I'm slimmer --> No. *
Cook more, even though hubby doesn't like it --> A bit, yes. *
Experiment with my hair (style, not color or length) --> Not very much. *
Finish all the books I have started --> The ones from last year, yes. *
Note …