Mostrando entradas de 2013


I used to be like this...

I had tried to make cakes and muffins and cupcakes with no success. But suddenly, last year, something happen. I cannot explain what. Maybe in my head, who knows. For my birthday my friends from Alicante showered me with cupcakes stuff so I had a moral duty. 

Then in June, a friend gave a little Cupcake & Cookies course and I got the basics.

Even after that, I had some failures trying it at home.

Yeah. I don't understand it either.
But since then, I've been trying and trying. Always following recipes because improvisation is not my thing. I still have to improve the frosting, but I usually avoid it for my health's sake. These are the results. Enjoy.
Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream.
Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
Carrot cake (I made cheese cream frosting but it was liquid)
Carrot Cake again.
Cranberry cupcakes
Lemon cupcakes with lemon icing.
Rainbow cupcakes (vanilla) with chocolate frosting.

Last Year's Resolutions

I write this to be ashamed of myself for not having been able to fulfil my last year's resolutions. Let's see what did I write.
Lose 10 kilos --> Ha Ha. No. *
Eat healthy, even if I don't lose 10 kilos --> Sometimes. *
Do exercise regularly --> No, and my body aches in response. *
Prepare my classes with time --> I have had very few classes, so yes. *
Finish all the craft projects I have in mind --> Not all, but I have done quite a bunch of them, especially for Christmas. *
Use all the chances I have to sell my crafties --> Yes. *
Tidy up home more often --> Sometimes. *
Decorate home here and there --> Not really. *
Make the most of my actual wardrobe --> No. *
Not to buy more clothes until I'm slimmer --> No. *
Cook more, even though hubby doesn't like it --> A bit, yes. *
Experiment with my hair (style, not color or length) --> Not very much. *
Finish all the books I have started --> The ones from last year, yes. *
Note …