Sushi, Hobbits and Tea

Ok, so as I told you on the previous post, I had some more stuff to show you. I am basing it on my new threadless t-shirts.

So, sushi.
I, as most of you, was not sure at first, but thanks to the insistence of my father, I tried it and loved it!
This is all the sushi-related stuff I have at home.

Nori weed, wasabi paste and rice vinegar
(not sure about the expiring date, though)

A couple of mats for making the maki, and a bunch of chopsticks
(I think I may need some more, what do you think?)

 Some crockery

And of course more clothing
(I used to have some undies as well but they died)

Well, now, Hobbits and co.

We have some hobbits and Eowyn guarding our books

And a cave troll and another Frodo

The Argonath guarding our CDs

Gollum feeling disoriented

 And Gollum no. 2 being creepy

And of course...
(We have the books too, but they don't look as good as the DVDs)

And last, but not least, tea
The main tool, our beloved kettle

 Infusers, infusers, infusers...

Food for the infusers.
The ones with the golden cover are the modern ones, some bought by me, some were from my grandad and the classic ones were from my uncle.
Apart from these, I have a couple of boxes with more teabags.
I may have a problem.

My most beloved infuser. 
My boyfriend give this to me some weeks ago.

I have been in love with it since I found it online.
DemocraTea, presidential teabags.
Thanks to Silvia.

 And finally, one of the items that make people stop and ask me on the street.
I've had it for 5 years now.


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