Brand New Stuff

I bring you some new stuff that have entered my home lately.
("Lately" may go up to 6 months)
Well, I have this frame since January 2010, and year and a half later there it is, at last attached to a wall. Now I just have to find something nice to put in it.
Where to find it? Here.

We have four frames in the living room, two are used by my boyfriend, and the other two are supposed to be for me. It has cost me more than 6 months to find a proper image for them. This is one of them, the other one, I'm still looking for something.
Any suggestions?

A tin calendar I bought this summer in London. 
Don't you love it? Cause I do it. And I can use it forever!

Here you can see four cookie cutters and a lunchbox with two sandwich cutters. I'm anxious to have a chance to use the box. All the rest has been used and with great results.
Where to find them? Here and here.
(You have better pictures, as mine is crap)

My dearly beloved Kindle. I have no words. As I always say, I only miss the smell of books.
But even that can be solved, look here.

New Threadless t-shirts! I already have five and I love them.
New Hairstyle | Attack of Literacy | Sushi | The Brandywine | Stop! Tea Time!

There are some more things, but I'll show them to you on the next post.
(Yes, that was a full-fledged bait)


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