Mostrando entradas de marzo, 2011

Cine Familiar

Here you have a list of movies that I have seen thanks to (or because of) my father, be it for insistence, suggestion or mere chance.

Jesus Christ Superstar

He went to the cinema 13 times. I didn't have that pleasure, but my brother and I have watched it several hundreds of times, and it has turned out to be a part of my life more important than I would have expected.

The Fiddler on the Roof

Another one of his favourites, watched ad nauseam (but without nausea). I was lucky to have a father (and a mother) open to every genre and with a special predilection for musicals. He recited the intro of 'Tradition' by heart, in Spanish and in English, with an enviable Yiddish.


I forgot this one the first time. Thanks to my brother for pointing it out. Music and Dickens!

Blade Runner

"Hay un antes y un después de Blade Runner".
Curiously enough, I've only watched it twice or so.

Queen of Africa

Adorable (which is beautiful + funny).

Dead Poets Club

Thus began the tradition o…