Tea Time

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Iba a empezar a escribir, pero me he dado cuenta de que no sonaba bien del todo... así que...

Well dear friends,
Tea is one of those things that has made its way through my daily routine these last years.
I don't like coffee, I've never have. And I stopped liking milk somewhere along high school. So it was hard for me to choose a proper breakfast. Specially in Winter. I tried tea, but it was too bitter for my liking.

It was during the first years of Uni that I started to get used to it. First, only red tea, then some fruity variants.
In 2005, I spent one month in London... I discovered Twinings in all its glorious splendor. From that day on I found my ideal breakfast. But I didn't dare to pour some milk on it yet.

It was in 2007, when I started my Erasmus in Glasgow that I let myself be swept away by my flatmates' habits. And so I tried it. First I did it with a spoon. Later on, I didn't care that much on measures.

And since then I've been a tea fan. And realised how in Spain there's no tea tradition and the whole brewing and then pouring ceremony is rushed and spoiled, when not overlooked.


m&m ha dicho que…
Yo te comprendo.A mí también me encanta el té(y las infusiones en general),no tanto las variantes frutales y demás que hay,sino el té sólo,con leche o con limón.Mis abuelos se fueron a trabajar 3 años a Southampton a casa de un Lord (es genial) y desde entonces ellos toman el té a la hora de la merienda.Es un amor (L)
amanda claire ha dicho que…
You should see our tea cupboard... it is full of all different varieties of tea and neither Tim nor I really like black tea with milk but love trying other kinds! I'm glad you found your own tea tradition x

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