Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Well, so another weekend having done nothing really useful. Sunday is probably the worst day of the week, even worst than Monday, I never get to do anything productive on Sunday.

I'm better get to work soon because exams are there, just turning the corner and this time I want to do it well. Well, at least do it, I know myself enough to know that if I don't feel capable of handle the whole subject my only option is... not to appear on exam's day.

Is there anyone who really do homework and study things day by day? Someday I'll do it (haha, yeah, right). Well, let's think positive. All I have to do is to read all the books, poems and short stories from 2 or 3 Literature subjects, then study the notes, and then do all the practice my time allows from Phonetics and Old English subjects, and a couple of essays...

Not to bad huh? Well, may the Force be with me


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