I'm Back! I mean... My Back!

Well, so finally I've decided to stay at home instead of going to class, a self-imposed sick leave. Those of you who don't know me should know that my neck and back are getting unbearably painful these days.

So this is it, there are just 3 weeks left of this course and I'll probably go back to class at some point, but this thing has to diminish or I'll die of desperation.

I don't really know what is worst: the pain itself, the feeling that it's not going better, not knowing how long this is gonna take... Oh and this never-ending strange cough does not help, especially when it attacks at night, when I need to rest.


Marie-Christine ha dicho que…
I am sorry to learn about your back and neck. I sometimes suffer from back pains and I know how much it hurts. Have you visited a doctor?

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